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Weekend activities for Children -- 16, 17 April

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Updated on Apr 14, 2016

Weekend activities for Children 16 17 April
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Another week of laborious school work, homework, projects and class tests is about to end! Signalling the coming of another eventful weekend with its fabulous range of activities! So gear up mommies and daddies, as it is time for some fun, craziness and loads of creative pursuits to keep the children occupied (and the parents happy)! Parentune brings to its readers a choicest list of weekend activities! So what are you waiting for, just browse through the list, pick an activity that suits you and your child and have a go at it!


1. Toehold Father-Child Summer Camp

Do you think your child is fascinated with wilderness – its flora and fauna? If yes, then this two-day camp created especially for children while also involving the parents is a must for your child. The camp has been organised in the renowned Bannerghatta National Park – one of the world’s closest wilderness to the city. It aims at imparting knowledge of natural history to children, in the company of the parents, so that the child feels at home even in the wilderness.

Date: 16, 17 April          

Venue: Bannerghatta National Park

Details: 080-22442211, info@toehold.in

2. Bengaluru by Foot Once Upon a Time In Chamarajapete

Let this Sunday be a day to explore your city on foot. Learn all about the rich heritage of Bangalore, as you cross numerous churches, temples, hotels, and educational institutes. The heritage walk will follow the route to the first extension to the beautiful garden city of Bangalore by the Maharaja of Mysore! The walk will be an interesting way to not only strengthen parent-child bond but also to know more about the city. Breakfast will be served at one of the legendary outlets.

Date: 17 April

Venue: Chamarajapet

Details: 07795882070, bengalurubyfoot@gmail.com

3. K-Pax - A Play by Tahatto

If your child is interested in Science and Science-fiction then you may like to see this sci-fi play. Staged by Tahatto, the play K-Pax is based on the novel ‘On a beam of light’. The play is an interesting way to teach your child about empathy and trust.

Date: 16 April

Venue: Atta Galatta, Koramangala

Details: 09945799224, 09739450835, www.tahatto.com


1. Sewing Workshop by Studio 41

If you want your children to be independent in everything including stitching a hook and press buttons, then enrol them for the Sewing Workshop by Studio 41. The workshop by Studio 41 will teach children how to do basic stitching and hemming. The workshop will be conducted by Kamla Ravikumar.

Date: 16 April

Venue: Studio 41, Beach road

Details: 09381094646, kayarkay@gmail.com, www.studio41art.com

2. Swim Summer Camp by Velachery Aquatic Centre

If you want to teach your child swimming, here is a good opportunity. The Velachery Aquatic Centre – a government run centre – is organising swim summer camp for children. Children will be trained under professional coaches.

Date: 16 April

Venue: Velachery Aquatic Centre

Details: 07401703473

3. Spring Season by Chennai Storytellers

Stories are always fun and entertaining. Storytelling session is all the more fun. This time the Chennai Storytellers Asha, Alvin, Aparna will enthral children with their new story telling session on spring.  Children below 3 years to be accompanied by parents!

Date: 16 April

Venue: Odyssey Adyar

Details: 04424402264, odysseyadyar@prismcorp.in


1. The Wishing Chair Crafternoon Origami

This Saturday afternoon let your children learn the ancient art of folding paper to create some wonderful birds, animals, and structures.

Date: 16 April

Venue: The Wishing Chair, South point mall, DLF Phase 5, Gurgaon

Details: 01242576892, info@wishingchair.in, www.wishingchair.in

2. 8th Krackerjack Karnival 2016

KrackerJack Karnival is back with its 8th edition with all time fun for children of all the ages. Dedicated to children and families the carnival features exhibits, interactive entertainment, and the latest products and services for children from toddlers to pre-teens and teens.

Date: 15, 16, 17 April

Venue: Epicentre, Apparel House, Sector 44, Gurgaon

Details: 9999678297, info@krackerjackkarnival.com, www.krackerjackkarnival.com

3. Puppet Making at British Council India

If your child loves making puppets or is interested in learning the art of puppet making then enrol them in the session of Puppet Making by British Council India. Let your child have fun at the session and they get to take their puppets home as well.

Date: 16 April

Venue: British Council India, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Details: 01204569000, delhi.enquiry@in.britishcouncil.org


1. The StorySketcher - Sketching & Creative Thinking Workshop

An interesting workshop on sketching and creative thinking is a good way for your child to spend his or her Saturday. So what are you waiting for? Just get your child registered for the workshop.

Date: 16 April

Venue: Gymboree, Jubilee Hills

Details: 09848066664, www.gymboree.co.in

2. Clay Workshop for Children

The Clay Workshop for Children is an ideal way to initiate them into the wonderful world of clay modelling. Children will be taught the basics of clay modelling and other things.

Date: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 April

Venue: Our Sacred Space, Secunderabad

Details: 09030013344


1. Summer Pool Party by Active Little Readers

This weekend let your child enjoy the summer season at a pool party--a place where your child can have some fun at the pool and also go for an optional photo shoot. This apart there will be lots of activities to keep your children constructively occupied.

Date: 16 April

Venue: Camac Street

Details: 09831805179, 09836888886

2. Discovery Day with Fun Pickle Flips

Children with so much pent up energy get a structured fitness regime this weekend with Fun Pickle Flips. Enrol your child for the activity and see the difference.

Date: 16 April

Venue: 5H New Road, Kolkata

Details: 09830661566, 09831170670

3. Good Manners & Etiquette by Brain Tree Activity Studio

If want your child to learn table manners and general etiquette then you must enrol your child into this workshop. Children will be taught basic table manners, personal hygiene and other everyday etiquettes.

Date: 16, 17 April

Venue: Aqua Java Decibel, Kankurgachi

Details: 09831039592, sonia678@gmail.com


1. Kids Special - Animal Buns

If you think your child is interested in baking and love animals then this workshop is for your child. Children will be taught how to make delicious animal-shaped buns from dough. They will also learn the science and maths of baking along with the skills of creating scrumptious animal shapes like teddy bears, turtles and elephants.

Date: 16, 17 April

Venue: Kalaghoda

Details: 02230213333, hello@cakesmiths.in

2. Aquascaping Workshop

An entirely unique workshop that will teach your child all about Aquascaping! Adip Sajjan Raj will teach children how to create underwater landscape in a glass tank using natural materials including aquatic plants, driftwood, soil and rocks.  

Date: 16 April

Venue: The Arcadei

Details: 09167373838

3. Shiamak Summer Funk 2016

If you think your child has a penchant for dance, more so for western dance, then here is your chance to let them realise their dream. Shiamak Dawar is back with his dance classes. So what are you waiting for, just enrol your child and see him or her grooving.

Date: 16, 17 April

Venue: St. John's High School, Mumbai

Details: 02261543000, mumbai@shiamak.com, www.shiamak.com/mumbai


1. Cherry Crush Kids Summer Market

Let your children enjoy a unique summer market that is especially for them. The market will be featuring lot of fun activities for children. The market will feature a zone called farmer’s market for the little chefs and farmers. The market is being organised by Cherry Crush and offers a learning experience for both parents and children alike. The aim is to offer every child a chance to try something new like a sport, or an activity. The market will also feature stalls with some delicious delights to satisfy your hunger.  

Date: 16 April

Venue: Classic Rock, Kalyani Nagar

Details: 09822827000, hroocha@gmail.com

2. The Scientific Chefs

Is your child interested in science? Is he or she interested in baking as well? If yes then this programme ‘The Scientific Chefs’ is for your child. Dr. Renuka Diwan from Sci-Fi Wonders and Suchitra Joshi from Baker’s Pride will help your child to understand the basic scientific concepts while cooking delicious food. The cooking sessions will be held in a pop-up scientific lab cum kitchen.

Date: 16 April

Venue: Deccan Society Hall

Details: 09011747464, 09850037832

3. Community Storytelling at Pagdandi

Storytelling is an art that has been there since time immemorial and is being practised at Pagdandi – book chai café. So let your child be a part of this session at Pagdandi, as the experienced storytellers weave their magic with words.

Date: 16 April

Venue: Pagdandi - Books Chai Café

Details: 09850965267, 09552595215

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| Apr 14, 2016

Interesting activities. Can we have something for Bhubaneswar city please. ?

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| Apr 14, 2016

I want to join this

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| Apr 14, 2016

Quite an exhaustive list of weekend activities. Thank you Parentune!

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| Apr 14, 2016

Lets find out what mamta wants to join. Which city are you in mamta?

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| Apr 14, 2016

very nice blog

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| Apr 15, 2016

Hi... Can anyone give me the address where exactly in Chamrajpet?

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| Oct 04, 2021

Parentune brings to its readers a choicest list of weekend activities! So what are you waiting for, just browse through the list, pick an activity that suits you and your child and have a go at it! https://tustinconcrete.com/concrete-countertops/

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