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Weekend Top Picks -- 27-28 February

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Updated on Feb 25, 2016

Weekend Top Picks 27 28 February
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From playing with colours and brushes to creating nature-inspired tote bags, to further satiating your hunger pangs with delicious biryanis, our weekend top picks brings you all this and much more.


1. Fun with Fine Strokes
Interested in playing with colours and brushes but don’t know what all can be created with them? Here is your opportunity to learn, explore and hopefully take your child’s talent forward from there. Bloom and Grow, through their workshop, offers a platform to all those who want to nurture their creativity. And even if your child is novice, worry not, as the workshop has step-by-step procedure to guide and teach.
Date: 27 February
Venue: Bloom and Grow, 6th block, Koramangala
Details: 7259280949, bngblr@gmail.com

2. An Evening of Pourquoi Tales with Storywallahs
If you have an inquisitive child who loves to ask questions, or if your child is fascinated with the hows and whys of the stories, then you may like to visit Atta Galata to get your child introduced to the background of stories and how they got created. 
Date: 27 February
Venue: Atta Galatta, 5th Block, Koramangala
Details: 080-41600677, thebookstore@attagalatta.com


1. Cook it up at Super Chef
Super Chef Chennai brings to the city a two-day cook-off – a city-wide cooking competition for amateurs and semi-professional cooks. With four categories, the competition aims to bring the entire family together and display their culinary skills. You also have the chance to impress the judges with your pre-cooked dish. So what are you waiting for?
Date: 27, 28 February
Venue: The Park Hotel
Details: 9791133083

2. Flower Decoration Workshop
Want to learn how to create bouquets? Or does your little one like to arrange flowers in a creative way? Then here is a solution. Institute of Design is organising one-day workshop on flower arrangement. All your child needs to carry is three vases and loads of enthusiasm and of course creativity.
Date: 27 February
Venue: Institute of Design, 10, Khader Nawas Khan
Details: 044-28330588, 9840183372, iodworld@gmail.com


1. Earth Science: What in the world is a leap year?
Help your child find the answers to what is leap year, what are time zones, and how does passing from one country to another changes the date, along with some interesting games, activities and experiments.
Date: 27 February
Venue: Nirvana Patio Club, South City 2, Gurgaon
Details: 9810703890, bhavna@handsonlearning.in

A first of its kind fair comes to the capital and brings a plethora of fun-filled activities for children including art, music, fashion and food. This carnival has something for the entire family, apparel and fashion accessories, footwear, and stationery items along with other lifestyle products.
Date: 27, 28 February
Venue: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Delhi
Details: 9686046413, 9811177407, sifat@ombreafair.com, www.ombreafair.com


1. Einstein – Play
Einstein – a play by Motley Productions on the great scientist depicts him as a lovable character and how he showcased his work against all odds.
Date: 27 February
Venue: Kala Mandir Auditorium, Theatre Road
Details: 033-228790860, 033-229021970

2. Vegetarian Biryani Festival
If you and your child love to eat South Indian biryani, then here is your chance to indulge in some delicious biryani at the restaurant Rasam.
Date: 27, 28 February
Venue: Rasam, The Stadel Hotel, Salt Lake
Details: 033-233572200


1. One Day Trial Hand and Wheel Pottery Class
If your child had shown his or her interest in trying his or her hand at the wheel, then here is the chance for you to enrol him for one-day hand and wheel pottery class organised by Kindles Pottery Class.
Date: 27 February
Details: 9819625896, kindlespotteryclasses@gmail.com

2. Funday at Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Have a fun-filled weekend at Sanjay Gandhi National Park, as your child participates in nature trail, art sessions to create a tote bag by using the things found and collected during the trail and also making a tray landscape.
Date: 27 February
Venue: Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali (East)
Details: 9820857710, 9819923115, heartandsoil@rediffmail.com,


1. Pagdandi books Chai cafe comics workshop
Is your child interested in comics, is he or she also interested in the history of two facets of the communist movement in India? If answers to these questions are yes, then you may like to visit the comics workshop at Pagdandi.
Date: 27 February
Venue: Pagdandi Books Chai Cafe, Regent Plaza, Baner,
Details: 020-7755908525,

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| Feb 26, 2016

Interesting mix of activities listed in the blog.

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