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What Is music therapy?

Sugandha Tiwari
3 to 7 years

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What Is music therapy

We frequently hear stories about the therapeutic effects of music therapy and how it helped people and children get over pain, symptoms of debilitating diseases, or other disorders. In this blog we bring to you a brief insight into music therapy—what it means, whom does it help, and the types of music therapies that are being used.

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Sugandha Tiwari

| Jul 10, 2017

Dear Parents, Kindly share if you would like to read on some other topics as well. I shall be more than happy to write.

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Neelam Yadav

| May 11, 2017

Nice information

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Jessica Caroline

| Apr 20, 2017

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himadri ghildiyal

| Aug 08, 2016

Music therapy is a must for a child development. To know more about how music can help in your child's growth follow our blog link.

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DrSS Pandey

| Aug 01, 2016

nice therapy

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