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What to gift your child? And how to do it!

Neha Gupta Mittal
7 to 11 years

Created by Neha Gupta Mittal
Updated on Jan 16, 2020

What to gift your child And how to do it
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I still remember my 9th birthday - I started my day with excitement and a broad smile. I opened my book shelf to remove my school ID, and there sat a shimmering box gift-wrapped in bright pink paper. My grandpa had bought me a fancy set of sketch pens, and my day was made.

Your child too deserves a well thought out and unique gift on his or her birthday. Here are 9 ideas for your 9-year-old on their birthday:

1. A chopper/ferry ride: Every child fancies flying airplanes and helicopters, even sailing boats. This joy ride would be an experience of a lifetime; you can use the internet to find out where these services are offered.

2. A sports party: This is one of the latest crazes. You book a small ground or venue and invite your child’s close friends for a cricket, football, basketball, badminton or tennis match, along with snacks and refreshments. What fun!

3. A surprise party: This option will never go out of style. A surprise house party with your near and dear ones is always so much fun to plan and execute, and your child will be over the moon.

4. Personalised products: An entire set of folders, towels, bed sheets, stationery, mugs and much more with your child’s name inscribed on it makes for a cool gift. Everything uniquely designed and personalised will making him/her feel on the top of the world.

5. Redoing the room together: Plan a redesign, get the material and be all set. On the birthday, you and your child can redo their room together. Let them be as creative as they like—as he/she will live in that room, each day will remind them of the effort both of you put in and the spectacular results.

6. A short weekend trip: A weekend getaway is a 3-day birthday celebration. Don’t just book a hotel; you can plan a host of outdoor and indoor activities that your child likes. Maybe go somewhere that’s dog-friendly, or even a tree house resort.

7. Private movie screening: Book a small theatre or maybe reserve a room for your child and his/her friends, put on a projector and screen their favourite movie. Don’t forget the popcorn and juice!

8. Library subscription: This is a great way to help your child fall in love with books. It may not be the most conventional gift, but the joy of raising a reader who gets excited at the thought of new books is unparalleled.

9. A city tour: Every city is unique and has its own attractions. You can also plan a relaxed full-day outing and take your child to famous spots in your own city, eating and drinking all the way.

What did you get for your child on their 9th birthday? Do share your views and feedback with us in the comments section below. 

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| Mar 17, 2017

good one

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| Mar 22, 2017

really appreciate all the suggestions made here....

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| Apr 06, 2017

You can plan a surprise party for your child with close friends n their families to a resort where all kids n elders can enjoyy.

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| Jul 23, 2017


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| Oct 15, 2017

My Daughter's birthday is around the corner. thanks for such wonderful ideas . would definitely keep these in mind while planning her gift . thanks for sharing!

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| Oct 16, 2017

very nice suggestions creative ideas for parents

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| Jun 30, 2019

Today's is my son's birthday, but poor me am far away on trip.. oops. Nice suggestions when I get home. thanks

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