Teach Your Child Why is Teacher's Day Celebrated

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Teach Your Child Why is Teachers Day Celebrated
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Once upon a time, a little girl looked into my eyes and told me I was her inspiration. She was my student and her words became my inspiration. On this occasion of Teachers Day, we remember our great teachers- the English miss in class 7, the professor who stayed back late to help finish a project or the 9th standard physics teacher who made you want to study physics forever.

Why is Teacher's Day Celebrated?

That is why all over the world we celebrate teachers’ day. This is one occasion which is celebrated on different days in different countries. In many countries including India, where Dr. Radhakrishnan’s birthday is celebrated, this is a day where some prominent personality or teacher is commemorated or an important milestone in education is celebrated. In other places, this is just a day in which students pay respect to their teachers. Nepal, for example, teachers day is celebrated on the full moon of the month of Ashad which is celebrated as Guru Purnima. Or in the USA where there is a Teachers Appreciation Week in May and the Tuesday of the week is considered Teachers day. However, UNESCO has recognized World Teachers Day on 5th September.

Teachers day is not just important around the world, it is important for every student personally. In our country, where the Gurukul system honed young kings and warriors in the skills of statecraft, war as well as the arts and literature, teachers have been held in high esteem for all ages. Read5 Qualities That Makes Teacher Favourite & Special

Teach Your Child Importance of Teacher's Day

While we may hope that teachers today will continue to inspire and enlighten our children’s minds, our children also carry a great responsibility. To give teachers the love and respect they deserve. To realize that learning does not end with the end of their school day or year; that teachers are just showing them how to open their minds to the infinite possibilities life holds for us. While it is wonderful that we gift our teachers with hand-made cards, flowers, put up programs for them, or, as older kids, take charge of younger classes while teachers soaked up the autumn sun in the courtyard, having some fun with games we had arranged, an important life lesson is also to keep that warmth, respect and camaraderie alive all through the year.

Now that little girl lives on in the form of my own little daughter who looks into my eyes a thousand times each day, looks for affirmation, affection, and guidance. Looks to tell ask me if she is right or wrong, amidst her million questions. That makes me realize that I continue being a teacher, and this is perhaps my biggest teaching role in life. As parents, we are their greatest teachers, the ones they look forward to, to light up their path, to guide them to a better future. And we will be the ones who matter most in the learnings they will receive and take forward with them in their life’s journey.

Before signing off, on teachers’ day, I would also like to remember all our little girls and boys who still cannot get an education. In fact, just about more than half of our female population is illiterate. Maybe it is also time for us to take a hard look at our education system and make it more inclusive and more affordable for all the little ones in our country.


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| Nov 19, 2012

great thoughts Payal.. and I have to add our kids are blessed to have teachers who understand them and treat them as individuals than a herd of same sized humans :)

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| Sep 06, 2018

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| Sep 05, 2019

I admire teachers

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| Sep 13, 2019

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