8 Winter Maternity Fashion Tips for Expecting Mommies

Chayanika Sen

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Updated on Dec 31, 2017

8 Winter Maternity Fashion Tips for Expecting Mommies
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There are lots of questions in your mind during pregnancy days, some of them are - what should you not wear or wear while pregnant? How should you dress-up when pregnant? When should I stop wearing tight in pregnancy? Gone are the days when a pregnant woman had to wear long boring maternity gowns with a shawl thrown over. Nowadays pregnant women have loads of option to dress up even during the harsh winter months. [Read - Tips to Manage Gestational Diabetes in Winter]

Since your body temperature rises by two degrees during pregnancy it is quite possible that you may not feel as cold as another person. Hence it is advisable to dress up in layers to keep yourself warm and comfortable during the winter months.

Tips for Winter Maternity Fashion For Pregnant Moms 

Your pregnancy should never be the reason to go dull and boring. Instead, you can jazz up your maternity wear with few tips. Read below

  1. Layer It in Style: It is best to dress in layers, so considering a smart jacket or coat or cardigan on clothes, which can be worn all the year-round would be a great option. Avoid going for too loose or too tight clothes instead go for well-fitted clothes that are both smart and trendy.
  2. Go for Comfortable Clothes: Beautiful ladies flaunting their great looking bumps looks like a fashion statement. Choose a few dresses which are fashionable, pocket-friendly and apt for wear in the winter season.
  3. Leggings: These are in trend now. Spandex or Lycra would be the most suggested materials during pregnancy. Stretch twill for these is 90% cotton and these are extremely comfortable. Leather leggings would also be a great pick.
  4. Maternity Jeans or Cords: Investing in them would be a great option. These are generally made of a stretchable material and are very comfortable for all-day wear during pregnancy. These can be coupled up with varieties of tops, jackets, cardigans and coats.
  5. Kurtis & Tunics: There are a lot of shops with exclusive maternity sections. Long Kurtis made of georgette or chiffon with thick linings would also be a great option. These go very well with jeans as well as leggings. Long dresses made of wool or any other comfortable material look lovely on pregnant women. These are also of great help after the baby arrives. Horizontal stripes and bright colours would be great ideas.
  6. Cardigans and Coats: Colours of choice and in different styles, these would serve as excellent supporters during winters. Coats are a must-have especially if the expecting mom lives in very cold places.
  7. Wool Clothing: While woollens are good during winter, if you feel uncomfortable in woollens to feel free to avoid them or go for blend Wool pants, skirts, sweaters and dresses are lovely cosy and comfortable clothes.
  8. Add Stoles, Scarves and Mufflers for Classy Look: You may like to dress up with trendy scarves, stoles and mufflers as they would add to your classy winter look.

Keep in mind before investing in maternity wear during winter that winter will last only two months and pregnancy also will also not last beyond 9 months. So make a smart buying choice and go for clothes that you can wear clothes throughout the year. [Read - Winter Allergies & Ways to Protect Yourself from These]

Did you like the blog on winter maternity fashion? Do you have any ideas to share regarding the winter fashions for pregnant mommies? Share your views and feedback in the comments section below.

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| Dec 19, 2019

From where we will get maternity dress

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| Dec 19, 2019

Hi Parul, you may check at mother care outlets

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