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Spreading Awareness to Fight Against Autism Disorder [World Autism Day]

Shubhi Shrivastava
3 to 7 years

Created by Shubhi Shrivastava
Updated on Apr 02, 2018

Spreading Awareness to Fight Against Autism Disorder World Autism Day

The coming 2nd April 2018 is going to be celebrated as the eleventh annual World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD). The day is occasioned for increasing societal acceptance and spreading the awareness about the growing global health issue which is Autism. The purpose of this day initiated by UN is to witness rising exposure and understanding for the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Facts Spreading Awareness Towards Autism Disorder 

April is World Autism Month which intrudes autism friendly events and educational activities such as-

  • Events like panel discussions with autism experts facilitating the parents
  • NGO’s working in this context has their exclusive informational sessions with the sufferers and their family
  • Conferences and autism related workshops
  • There are many launches happening this day of educational material
  • Display of posters and related art
  • Clinic dealings with families and consultants are an important occurring


About Autism —

It is a development disability in a child which is a condition that affects the brain’s functioning. Its signs are usually noticed when the child reaches the age of 3. Here are the following symptoms seen in an autistic person:-

  • Finding difficulties in social interaction
  • Facing problems with verbal and/or non-verbal communication
  • Displaying restrictive and/or repetitive behaviour
  • Possession of limited set of interests and activities
  • It can happen to any geographic race or gender

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Theme For The 11th World Autism Day

In November 2017, United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution which was taken in order to draw attention to highlight challenges faced by the women and girls suffering from the disorder. This led to the current theme of “Empowering Women and Girls with Autism”. This would be done with the implementation of Convention of the Rights of Person with Disabilities (CRPD) - as quoted by the UN.

This theme expresses the concern for women and the subject multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination hampering their human rights -the exact agenda behind the theme. As seen in statistics and numbers till date, there are findings which dishearten the world being gender bias in disabilities as well.

The issues women went through are-

  • Fights for equal rights in some educational institution or their choice of subject
  • Lower rate of employment as compared to men with similar disabilities
  • Studies show that disable women are more violence prone
  • There exist barriers to their sexual and reproductive health services
  • Most of them come across challenges and issues regarding marriage, family and parenthood

Watch this Video: Must Know Facts About Autism  

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| Apr 05, 2018

appreciate yr efforts . thanks for sharing!

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| Apr 03, 2018

Great blog. Very informative. Thanks for sharing!

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| Apr 02, 2018

Hello Shubhi... liked ur blog... I m an Occupational therapist... working in mental health field since last five yr..... have seen lots of autistic cases... its really good that now our society is getting more aware towads mental conditions like autism n all.. your job is really appreciable... keep going

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