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World Emojis Day - All you need to know

Anubhav Srivastava
7 to 11 years

Created by Anubhav Srivastava
Updated on Jul 18, 2018

World Emojis Day All you need to know

As parents we may have evolved from single text typing mechanism to emojis, and thus could better relate to the progress the digital medium however our children will be building affinity with these emojis as they are born in recent times, just like we had with multimedia handsets introduced in the early 2000’s.


All the giants of the digital world viz Apple, Facebook, Twitter have celebrated World Emoji Day on 17-July. The purpose of celebrating Emoji day is to bring the significance of how emojis have transformed the way we chat with people around our network and family. On this day the Tech Giant Apple has announced over 70 new emoji characters with hair color variations, gender-neutral characters, mythical creatures and more that would reach the users as part of a free update that Apple would bring to iOS 12 later this year, the iPhone maker wrote in a blog post on the other hand Facebook revealed that the “heart” emoji is one of the most used expressions on the platforms. In one of the blogpost they also wrote that  “There are more than 2,800 emojis and almost all of them (2,300) are used each and every day on Facebook,” the company said in a statement. On Messenger, over 900 million emojis are sent every day without text. Users post over 700 million emojis on Facebook every day.


Here are some fun facts on Emojis


  • Emojis were invented in Japan - In the year 1999, the Japanese software engineer Shigetaka Kurita developed the world's first 180 emojis. Upon further deliberations and its massive usage, it was adopted by various tech giants.
  • 5 different skin tones were added to Emojis express diversity – To denote diversity across the globe around 5 different skin tones were added to Emoji. Recently, the UN celebrated by sharing the different skin tones over social media.
  • Only on Facebook 60 Million Emojis are used every day – Emojis are one of the most shared content formats over social media and Facebook claims that alone on their network they have more than 60 million emojis shared.
  • “ :-) “ was the first symbol with which Emoji’s started – The first symbol to have laid the foundation for different types of emojis was “ :-) “. Later the tech communities founded emojis of various shapes and sizes.

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