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World Poetry Day - Tips to Hone Your Little Poet's Skill

Mansi Dubey
7 to 11 years

Created by Mansi Dubey
Updated on Mar 21, 2018

World Poetry Day Tips to Hone Your Little Poets Skill
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Childhood is a very important period as far as the brain development is concerned. A child is more likely to learn things quickly in childhood than at any other time of his/her life. As a parent, you should help your little darling indulge in activities that would help their growth, and benefit them in the future. But, if you don’t have anything in your mind which would add up to your child’s development and enhance their creative abilities, then don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

This world poetry day which is celebrated every year on March 21st, you have an opportunity to introduce your child to the emotional flow of words, rhythm, rhyme, and beat. The purpose of celebrating this day; initiated by UNESCO is to honor poets and their contribution, diversity in language, and to cherish the art of poetry as well as to promote reading, writing, and teaching poems not only in school but at home as well.

Why Poetry?

Poetry plays a big role in shaping your child’s personality, it would provide her an awareness of her surroundings and would give her a new perspective on things. Also, it would help a kid to open up - Your little boy, who is shy and doesn’t talk much would be able to express himself through poetry by writing down his thoughts and feelings. It is considered to be an elusive art because no poem can be read the same way, which give you an opportunity to get to know your child better and on a deeper level.

Poetry is considered a huge part of academics. From Hindi, English, Marathi, Sanskrit etc, poems are being taught in every language. It not only introduces a child to different languages but to different cultures and backgrounds as well. Poetry is a really vast subject; from poems on a pen, a teacup, a flag to poems on festivals, peoples, and struggles of life etc. There are some renowned poets who have contributed a lot to the society, such as, William Shakespeare, his poem “The seven ages of man” tells us about the journey of a man from an infant to an old man; Harivansh Rai Bachchan’s “Agneepath”, Robert Frost's “the road not taken”, Rabindranath Tagore's collection of poems “Gitanjali” etc, to name the few.

How You Can Help Your Little Poetry Skill -

  • Reading and recitation:

    Make your child read some basic poems and ask them to recite. This would help them understand rhyme and rhythm and would also improve their pronunciation
  • Act:

    Always ask them to act it out when they are reciting it, this increases their understanding of what the poem is about
  • Draw it:

    Give your child pencils, crayons, and paper and ask them to draw what do they understand by the poem
  • “I AM” and “colour” poem:

    Take any object and create a 2 line poem and ask your child to recognize what the object or colour it is and then ask them to create a poem as well
  • Poetry walk:

    Go for a walk and randomly choose an object and create a poem, ask your child to add a rhyming word or another line
  • Endless choices:

    Create poems on favorite festival, dress, toy, cartoon etc. There are endless choices, just make it fun and you can also ask your little one’s friends to take part as well

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| Mar 23, 2018

Great blog. Thanks for sharing! :)

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| Mar 24, 2018

Great :)

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