Do you know what is World Suicide Prevention Day

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Do you know what is World Suicide Prevention Day
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September 10 is observed worldwide as the world suicide prevention day. The day has been declared by the International Association of Suicide Prevention for awareness amongst the society to help control this evil from spreading its roots.

Each year the International Association of Suicide Prevention decides theme to bring awareness. This year the theme is ‘Working together for preventing suicides'. A child is throbbing with life and for any society or community, its very disheartening and painful if the children are intended towards taking their lives on their own!

As a parent, we have to instil the faith of livelihood and keep a vigil eye on our child for any such tendencies to be able to cope up with the situation better.

Signs to lookout in case of Suicidal Tendencies

  • Child remains idle or express hopelessness – Generally child with suicidal tendencies will remain aloof and idle. It may sound a little weird for a child to remain idle, but if s/he does, then keep talking to the child and decipher the reason of his/her idleness. Also, if the child is sounding hopeless in taking-up new tasks related to study or games try to understand the reason as to why the child is doing so.
  • Seeing or consuming suicidal content – Children are also motivated to consume lot of free lying online content related to suicide. Also, with the growing reach of mobile in the hands of children, some of the anti-social elements try to emotionally manipulate young children to harm themselves. One such game is WhatsApp Momo.
  • Complains of fatigue, headaches triggered by emotional stress -If the child is regularly complaining of fatigue, headaches. Try to diagnose the issue, if the same is triggered emotionally then find-out the source to get the child out from the emotional distress.


How to help your child

  • Get Professional help – In case you are unable to cope with the situation you could visit a child - psychologist for further help.
  • Make a safety plan – Try to curb all exposure which influences the child towards suicide. In case if the child is finding it difficult to go to school. Try to change the location or the environment for some time till the child regains his or her emotional stability.
  • Encourage positive lifestyle changes – A regular play time and some recreational activities such as yoga etc. helps the child to overcome emotional distress better. Also a healthy body constitutes a healthy mind.
  • Giving the opportunity to share his troubles – As parents keep talking to your child and very easily you could make out the reasons if your child has emotional stress. In this manner you would have more time and better bonding to tackle such emotional breakdowns in your child.
  • Empathize with the Child – It is always advisable to do not react to the child’s mental agonies rather empathize with the child till he or she is able to speak out about the distress s/he is undergoing. Empathy is a great pacifier and often brings back the emotional stability.

In case of any further help Helpline {for those in emotional distress or feeling suicidal} you can call 1800 843 4353 (toll free) 9922001122, (All days, 12 pm - 8pm). The helpline is manned by a team of 33 volunteers which consists of seven mentors.

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