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World Wildlife Day - Teach Your Child The Importance Of Conservation

Urvashi Shah
3 to 7 years

Created by Urvashi Shah
Updated on Mar 03, 2018

World Wildlife Day Teach Your Child The Importance Of Conservation
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3rd March is referred as the day of signature of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), as UN World Wildlife Day to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild animals and plants. World Wildlife Day 2018 will be celebrated under the theme “Big cats: predators under threat". The admirable big cats, which are highly recognized, are now under the threat of extinction due to various human activities. These majestic predators, including lion, tiger, jaguar, puma, cheetah, snow leopard, clouded leopard and so on are under threat, thus, giving us a fortuity to raise awareness about their plight. World Wildlife Day 2018 will ensure much highlight is given to the big cats, which will finally deserve our undue attention in a bid to seek support so that they remain with us in the coming future.

Apart from the Governments, law makers, enforcement officers, customs officials and park rangers, it is also up to every citizen of this planet to conserve wildlife and their natural habitats. This World Wildlife Day, make your child a part of the conservation of wildlife in order to restore the planet’s majestic creatures.

How To Educate Your Child About World Wildlife Day?

Man’s destructive footprints are bringing a number of flora and fauna towards extinction, which is why we need to reverse the damage cause in order to safeguard the wildlife species for future generations and to maintain a balance on this planet. Not just adults, even your young ones can participate in this to bring about a change. Use these ways to educate your child about World Wildlife Day-
  1. Go on nature walks:

    You need not visit a forest to spot wildlife, you can spot many around your environment too. Take your child outside with binoculars, a note nook, pen and a camera. Outside your home, you will be able to spot a number of unique species ranging from tiny bugs to diverse birds, many of them lined up towards extinction. Take a note about the creatures you spot and enable your child to learn about them once you get home. Your child will be marvelled with the surprising info he/she gets about the species on the internet
  2. Watch the birds:

    You can set out bird feeders in your backyard and have your child look at the amazing creatures landing on your doorsteps every single day. Learning some fun facts about these birds will help your child in being protective towards them
  3. Create your wildlife garden:

    You can create a wildlife garden right in your backyard by setting up native pollen-rich plants to draw butterflies and bees, create a water feature to attract aquatic and bathing animals, and install nesting boxes and bat boxes to encourage new fauna. Your child can be the manager of this little wildlife sanctuary, encouraging him/her to look after the new members with utmost care
  4. Support conservation projects:

    You can enrol your child in some conservation project in your locality, which will raise awareness about the species coming close to extinction and help conserve them. These tips will get your child involved with wildlife conservation over the time

At the current rate of extinction, your child today will see a hundreds and thousands of species come to extinction by the time he/she is old enough, which is why teaching the importance of wildlife conservation to your child becomes crucial. Awareness of conservation can be initiated when the child is young, which helps them understand better with their naïve minds. If your child has affection for a particular fauna, start off by teaching him/her some conservation lessons. Help your child understand how pollution, land management and human overcrowding affect a species and what measures can be taken in order to prevent them. Tomorrow’s diversity depends up on teaching today’s children the importance of wildlife conservation.

The Ways To Raise Wildlife Awareness Are-

  1. You can ask the teacher or principal of your child’s school to start an animal appreciation club, which will involve all the children, young and old to have active participation. Weekly or monthly meetings can be set up to discuss about the particular fauna and you can even have someone speak up for the same who has been involved with such conservation groups
  2. You can invite local volunteers to encourage the children in your locality to take up wildlife conservation through their heroic adventurous stories
  3. You can organize a dog park clean up day where you can encourage your child to clean the park
  4. Take your child to visit a nature centre where he/she can learn about the various fauna and their existence in diverse regions of the planet
  5. You can have a vet doctor invited to your child’s school to talk about becoming a vet in order to encourage the children towards wildlife conservation
  6. You can organize a wildlife expedition with your child along with his/her friends to understand the concept of wildlife conservation actively
  7. You can encourage your child to be a part of a volunteering group aiming at wildlife conservation. These methods can encourage your child to be more actively involved in wildlife conservation, allowing the fauna to exist in the future

Nothing can work better than activities in order to involve your children in wildlife conservation. So here are a couple wildlife activities for children that you can take in charge of-

  1. You can go exploring the nature with your child and his/her friends and help them identify various plants, trees, birds, animals and fishes
  2. Take your younger ones for bird watching where they can make a list of all the avian species being spotted. Letting your child keep a record of every new species they see will encourage them to keep discovering more
  3. Sit with your child and watch TV shows and documentaries on wildlife conservation and nature. There are various kid-friendly documentaries that will connect with your little one, enabling him/her to understand the issue better
  4. Teach your child how plants and animals are connected to the food you eat every day. For this, you can plant vegetables in your backyard, harvest them and prepare them for dinner

These ideas will add some fun to the learning opportunity about wildlife conservation, which your child can take up right from a young age. By taking up these steps, you are not only spending some quality time with your little one but also get him/her actively involved to safeguard the diverse range of fauna.

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