1 year old does not want to have formula milk

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Created by Amu.singh00
Updated on Oct 20, 2015

1 year old does not want to have formula milk.. he was exclusively breastfeeded till 6months.... after that i gave him khichdi and fruit juice after 9months... but past 4months I am not having sufficient milk supply... just after 6months I started with lactogen which he disliked... than I cjanged to nan pro recently which also he does not want to have. At night I breastfeed which I feel is not sufficient. he does not take bottles even during sleep. Please help

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| Oct 21, 2015

Hi Amu, check with your paediatrican if you can start on packet milk like Amul etc. Or maybe trick your baby... express some milk and let him have that first through a bottle. Slowly slide that bottle out of his mouth and gently slide in another bottle of formula milk (which you need to keep prepared). sometimes small tricks like these work. IF it is the bottle he does not like, give it to him from katori and spoon. same way. first expressed breast milk and then formula milk. hope this helps.

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| Oct 21, 2015

Same problem for me. .. nd even the baby is not sleeping properly.... plzz suggest.

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