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11 months and doesn't crawl

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Created by Gouri Puri Arora
Updated on Jul 01, 2017

My baby is 11 months old and doesn't crawl. He although stands by holding me, table, sofa, back of bed, etc. He also stands without support for 4-5 seconds. He moves and almost crawl on his stomach but not on knees. should I be worried?? have heard some kids don't crawl and they directly start walking. Is it fine if they do like this?

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| Jul 02, 2017

Hi Gauri... its right that some babies dont crawl they directly walk after tummy time... so just chill n enjoy motherhood....

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| Jul 01, 2017

Hi Gouri, you heard right some kids doesnot crawls instead they start walking directly . I dont think there is anything to worry .

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