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15 months baby dont. wants to eat

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Created by Sutapa Singh
Updated on May 21, 2017

my baby don't wants to eat anything .only milk he drinks. I can't understand that what I will cook for him that he wants to eat. he have a milk allergy problem.

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| May 21, 2017

thnx a lot shikha batra

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| May 21, 2017

hi Sutapa! how r u this morning! Sutapa since your baby is dependent on milk which is filling, he doesnt feel the need to eat anything else. reduce his intake of milk to twice daily and instead serve according to his tatse , whatever he likes salty or sweet dishes. to begin with serve in small quantities and give a plate to him to eat by himself. u could sit along and have a plate for yourself too and eat along and feed him too. there is research on this children who are allowed to experiment with food are smarter . don't worry about the mess, he will sooner or later learn to eat. also since he will be on his twos soon, give him handy food which he can hold, walk and eat such as roll roll dosa, idli, carrot , cheese sticks ,apple or fruits cut into long pieces. etc. but make sure to be around while he is eating these to ensure he is safe and doesn't choke himself. also please go through this blog. Hey! I find this Parenting blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too: this will be of help to u! tkcare!

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