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16 month old baby not walking

Banasree Chowdhury

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Jan 10, 2016

my 16 month old baby doesn't have any interest in walking. she is crawling well. but dn't want to stand and walk. before some day she used to stand by herself by holding sm thing. but as me and her nanny forced her to stand and walk.. so now she stop standing also. what can be done to make her walk?

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Sruthi Patiballa

| Jan 14, 2016

Hello Banasree, Take her to a park and show her kids of her age or so, while those kids walk and run even she tries to do so. Try keeping her favourite toy on a table which she can hold. Make use of walker, this will be fun for her too. Try these of these are not working consult her doctor. Hope these will help you. Take care.

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