2. 6 year baby is not chewing

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Updated on Feb 28, 2020

My baby boy is not chewing.. he has got all teeth but he is not making habit of chewing. He swallow all that is made puree and splits out all that is chewable like soaked badam , price of apple or grapes. Please suggest

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| Feb 28, 2020

Hi Lalitha, this is common problem among toddler and you need to deal with patience. Here are few things you can try- Try to find out child's favourite food items, make the food presentable by giving various shapes and color, encourage child to chew, sit with him and show how you chew and eat, eat your meal along with him, praise and reward whenever he is chewing the food. At the beginning offer soft food and then hard which he can chew. I hope these all will help. Also here is a blog that may help you -

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| Feb 28, 2020

Lalitha Prasanna Prata hi . . This is not a very serious problem and for this you can have a routine at home. . to give your child some finger foods like carrot radish cucumber Apple. . for letting him to chew . .that will make him able to use his tongue teeth and the gut area to eat chew and swallow the things but still you must consult a doctor for the therapy. .You can read this blog too . Blogs-.

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