2 year old does not like milk

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Created by Mamta
Updated on May 26, 2014

My daughter is 2+ yrs now but does not like to drink milk. I tried various methods, gave her favorite toys, played various games, showed her videos/cartoons . I even tried complain/bournvita and various other additions to milk but she hates to drink milk. Please suggest.

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| May 28, 2014

Hi Mamta, with your child, start small and start on what she likes. Start with only a small cup of milk with any flavours she likes--milk shakes, ice cream blended, or even tea. Gradually build up the quantity. Keep milk timings fixed--offer it to her only at those times. Once she gets used to the idea, she will accept it as a part of routine. Also, do not make it a power struggle. Get her to drink sometimes and let go at some points. hope this helps.

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| May 27, 2014

I give my lo kidspro vanilla flavour saying icecream milk..

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| May 26, 2014

Hi dear Mamta! Try giving milk when child is sleeping or very hungry in flavors child likes Say for example if the child likes chocolate taste add chocolate flavor powder. if child doesn't like hot milk, try adding rose or rooh afza or make mango or banana shake. if the child still doesn't like milk u cud try giving Calcium in other forms such as curd, paneer, tofu, cream, Ras malai, kheers, etc. don't force feed,give a break for sometime and try again after 15 days or so. please make sure child doesn't have lactose intolerance. Hope this helps!

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| May 26, 2014

Hi Mamta, you make refer to this parent talk-

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