2 year toddler throwing tantrums.

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Updated on Feb 11, 2017

She screams at the top of her voice i don't know what to do and how to control her. I know controlling is a wrong word i dont want to control her i just want her to not scream so loudly . I dont undeestand that why she is doing so because i always pays attention n always listen to her .everytime she says "mamma" and i become alert n turn towards her and listen to her. I pamper her soo much but i dont know why she start to scream suddenly. I feel really sadand wperied because everyone strat to blame me for her behaviour. They say you are not able to brought her up in a correct manner. please help me i am losing all my hopes feeling depresed dont know what to do with my daughter. i dont want to be angry on her . plz help. i dont know wat to do

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| Feb 13, 2017

Hi Noor, here's a blog that may help you-

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| Feb 20, 2017

hi Neel, don't get disheartened by her sudden changed behavior. we cant expect her to behave like us. she is only only 2 years. and definitely u can't be blamed for her behaviour and manners. she is too young to understand behaviour or manners. I also have same age baby and can't even express how indifferent she behaves nowadays... she throws things if she does not get what she wants . Anyways, you start ignoring her whenever she shouts and start listening her and be more polite to her when she speaks normally.. this will make her realise that if she doesn't shout, she will get attention else not. Try this for a week and I. am hopeful, she will change gradually. please ignore others judgement, you are and you will be best mother for her always. All the best.

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