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21 month old back to all-time breastfeeding

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Created by Ruchika Sawhney
Updated on Oct 07, 2015

My daughter is 21 months and has started to demand breast milk like a new born. I am a working mother, whenever i reach home, she wants to be fed. This demand can come at any place - while traveling, eating in a restaurant, in an event we attending together - just about anywhere. I thought this to be a phase and ignored it but its been almost three months. sometimes she feeds for very long duration just like a newborn would and refuses to accept bottle milk, all she says is mama du du. I planned to breastfeed till she turns 2 but now it gets tiring as well as embarrassing specially in public places when she presses her hand on my chest or tries to lift my top wear. Despite explaining trying to talk calmly yet firmly, telling her that this is not the right place, she just doesn't give in. I seriously need some help in this matter, I understand the benefits of BF and wish to continue at least till she is 2 yrs; however, this behavior is forcing me to think about weaning.

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| Oct 07, 2015

Thanks, Shikha. Your opinion has motivated me to continue doing what I earlier decided. No gain without pain i guess :)

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| Oct 07, 2015

Hi Ruchika Sawhney! That's Amazing if u have been able to feed yr daughter for so long and want to continue doing so till 2 years of age. Incase u r giving her a balanced nutritious diet along with breastfeed ,she's clinging to you like a newborn for comfort as she misses u while u r away for work.. According to what u have planned it just a matter of 3 more month or so. Don't worry about the glares,they are to be ignored keeping in mind the positive impact of breastfeed for yr baby. You could carry a big stole in yr purse wherever u go to cover yrself while feeding. Also u could feed her heartful before leaving. As far as yr angel's gestures are concerned , the innocent tot just wants to have her feed and cling close to u. U could at home teach her appropriate way of demanding milk by just saying 'Mama Dudu' without pointing out. By praise and patience she would soon learn the right and unlearn the inappropriate way of expressing her demand. But weaning her off for this behavior could be a punishment for her. You have been doing a great job Ruchika,I am sure you can manage in future also. Tkcare and give my love to Lil one.

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