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Updated on Jul 15, 2019

em 26 week pregnant soon i enter into my 27 week i feel alot of pressure in my bladder after 5 to 10 mins that i cant control my pee but when i go its nothing that soo much is it normal? nd sometimes specially in morning i feel periods like cramping but its fine after a while plzz let me its normal? i had my gestational diabeties test dr said it is fine i also had my ultrasound 15 days before it show i had low lying placenta which dr said may be it get fine byself after 7 month

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| Jul 16, 2019

hi zara ! fetal pressure on bladder gives the urge to pee again n again.. if there is no other sign like discharge, redness, itching , foul smell etc.. nothing to worry. however do discuss the same with yr doc in yr next visit.

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