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Updated on Sep 20, 2012

hi members... this is Aamirah mother of Muhammad Rufaiq... actually he is 2 years old now.... but still he is not intaking any foods at times.... he just drinking milk with junior horlicks 5 times a day.... not any breakfast,lunch or dinner..... but if we eat any snacks r any things he take 1 r 2 sips... dats it.... so kindly advise me wat type of foods can i give 4my son.....

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| Sep 25, 2012

Here are a couple of things which my very choosy daughter would have at the age of 2. Mashed apples and bananas, boiled and mashed carrots, she hated potatoes but liked potatoes mashed with cheese, overcooked rice with ghee, macaroni with cheese (believe it or not, this is a childhood favourite of many choosy eaters). You could try ready made off the shelf options from brands like Gerber, they have a lot of flavors which your child might end up liking (prune was a favourite of my daughter)

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| Sep 24, 2012

Hi Nashrul, While its ok for your little one to refuse solids for a while, you as a parent have to keep trying to administer solids to him so that he eats a balanced diet. But instead of forcing him to eat the foods he regularly resists, add a lot of variety by adding something new on a daily basis. There would definitely be some foods which will finally appeal to his taste buds. Here are a whole lot of ideas: Soft pasteurized cheese/Soft homemade mashed paneer /fruit cubes of pear or melon or watermelon or apple/mashed banana/bite-sized soft cooked veggies like peas or potato or shakarkandi or pumpkin with little salt & butteror broccoli florets/scrambled egg or hard boiled & mashed egg/bite-size boiled boneless chicken/finger foods like lightly toasted & buttered bread or boiled strips of carrot/stewed apples or prunes or apricot/hummus- puree of boiled kabuli chana with garlic & lemon/boiled corn/ parantha/ sooji upma/ sooji kheer/moong dal khichdi/ sooji idlis/ dals etc.

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| Sep 20, 2012

Not an expert at this but we had the same issue when our daughter was 2. Doctor said this is perfectly normal and Milk should be ok. They will eat when they are ready.... no need to force.

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