2yrs old recurring fever.

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Updated on Apr 02, 2017

our 2yrs son had a 5day fever touching up to 104 and he didn't have any food or fluids during those 5days. we then had to admit in hospital for IV and antibiotics and he was discharged on 2nd day from hospital, he was coming back to his normal but then again after a week he again for the fever now touching to 103.. the blood/urine test reports were normal and now doctor has given him clarinova and asthakind for 2days but am so worried. any pointers can help.

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| Apr 02, 2017

Hi Aroon, follow the doctor's instruction and keep in touch with your doctor. Give him light food that can be easily digested. You can add little turmeric in milk but first give 1-2 spoon and check if he is able to digest. Massage his sole and palm with mustered oil. Take care he will get well soon.

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