3 month old lo started drinking milk for so long

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Updated on Nov 08, 2017

My 3 month old lo started breastfeeding for so long. he used to take only 10 to 12 mins earlier to feed. now he keeps sucking and he never wanna leave it. i had to forcefully remove it after 1 hour. and he watches surroundings sometimes and also wont suck properly. This is happening from the past 2 weeks. and he started sucking his hands alot. At nights he feeds for just 6 to 7 mins. since yday it has increased to 15 mins. since he is gassy i had to wind him for atleast 30 mins after feed. i became restless and i have no help to look after. Feeding is taking forever now. need suggestions on how to resolve it. He doesn't seem to b teething.

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