3 months + baby sleeps very less during day time

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Updated on Mar 29, 2017

my baby is 3 months old. he does not sleep properly during day time. very little sound wakes him Up. maximum sleep period is 30 mins at a stretch and he sleeps once in 2 hours. the moment he starts breastfeed he sleeps in sometiem and then gets up also fast. however he sleeps fine during night time usually around 2 hours-3 hours at a stretch.

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| Mar 29, 2017

Dear Urvashi.... it's happens and normal for every baby @ their first quarter.... each baby has different sleeping pattern.... some sleeps @ ni8 and dont sleep @ day.... some sleeps @ day and dont sleeps @ ni8 and ur case is former one... he will be normal as we do sleep as days pass by and you could feel the difference & development later.... this is one of the phase that should be crossed over.... happy parenting no worry

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