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3 months old baby has dry congested nose ... Which worsen during night

Isha Mudgil

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Dec 24, 2015

3 months baby dry congested nose... What should be done other than nasal drops or spray ???

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Isha Mudgil

| Jan 03, 2016

Thank u :) ... .I have been using humidifier in her room... It makes her sleep well..... I have also tried a home made oil ... Method: burn two or three garlic cloves in mustard oil till they turn brown... Slightly cool the oil n massage this oil on baby's chest n rub some of it on her nostrils... This oil will keep baby's body warm.... n help to clean dryness in the nose.

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Kirti Dutt

| Dec 25, 2015

Use Nasoclear saline nasal spray.. Available in all medical shops.. Helps unblock your babies nose.. You just spray it in the nasal few drops..

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raksha iyer

| Dec 24, 2015

Use humidifier in her room... keep enough moisture in the room so that her nose wont be dry...

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