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3 year old became aggressive and voilent because of change in living place

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Updated on Jan 10, 2019

Hi My daughter is 3 yrs 9 months old. We just shifted to US a month ago. Because of this except her parents everything is just changed for her ...right now she is not going to school in US and we can't take her out much because it is damn cold here... most of the time she wants to watch TV and rest of the time she wants us to play with her.. and during the day her behaviour suddenly changes around thrice.... she became so cranky, start crying badly, try to hit things around her... I feel so scared that what is happening to her... I don't know what to do.. any suggestions??

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| Jan 10, 2019

hi Ritika Malik ! we're u in a joint family set up before moving out ? this behavior of child is quite understandable. new place, new people around, new surroundings so as u have mentioned practically everything has changed for the child. also children are quite good at reading out their parents face. u need to be assured that everything will settle down ,it's just a matter of time and try and do away with yr apprehensions. the same message should be passed on to the child . try and calm down the child by spending time with her. also talk a lot and help her bring out her hidden feelings.. try and make her connect with age mates around. organize play dates, by doing so u will also feel good. also plan age appropriate activities for yr child.

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