4 months baby sleeping for few hours

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Updated on Oct 18, 2017

my baby is just 4 months old and she is not sleeping much. As per doctor she should sleep atleast 17-18 hours but she sleeps for jus 10 -12 hrs. Can someone please suggest what could the reason and what I should do?

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| Oct 19, 2017

hi Prabha! each child is different and so is there sleeping pattern . just try and feed her in small gaps so that she is not hungry. also please ensure her bedding is comfortable,. her clothes are not wet with pee or if she need a a change of diaper. here is a blog,u would find useful! Hey! I find this parent blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too:

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| Oct 18, 2017

When she sleeps sleep beside her and keep some pillows beside her keep the windows closed and the curtains closed so that she can sleep nicely without any noise and feed her nicely

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