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4 year old daughter doesn't want to go to school n does not tell me anything . Want her to be open n discuss everything with her mom.

3 to 7 years

Created by Sonia Duneja
Updated on Mar 30, 2016

My younger daughter is 4 years n just started going to a regular school. She was very much interested to go to the regular school as her elder sister also goes. In fact was very excited to go. But for the last 2 days she is crying n doesn't want to go . I was bit concern n asked her why she doesn't want to go. I put across few topics like somebody bites u or hits u or the teacher scolds u. After a lot of repeating she said that the teacher scolds. How can I make her tell me everything openly. As my elder daughter comes n tells / shares everything from a very young age.

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| May 18, 2016

Even my daughter doesn't open up , I try talking to her indirectly and show a lot of interest in whatever she tells. Slowly while talking she tells me if something disturbing or imp to her . Sometimes she tells me before sleeping .

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| Mar 30, 2016

Thank u Nisha, I have been doing this but when ever I ask her she changes the topic . Whereas I make both my daughters sit n talk . The elder one will tell me everything but the younger one doesn't . I think the younger one is not able to express. May be that is my misconception . But for future I want her to open up n talk to me openly ( goes for both my daughters - elder one is 13 n younger one is 4).

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| Mar 30, 2016

Hi frnds my daughter started school going since she was just 3 n half yrs. when she goes to bed earlier i ask her about what happened in school. she didnt tell at that time. bt i never leave single day asking her same. now when she goes to bed for 1 n half hour she tells me every single thing about school. just continue talking to her about school activities. ask her who are her frnds. what they bring in their lunch. how teacher asks her. n so many ques. it will become practice for her to tell then.

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