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4yrs baby girl hugging 7yrs boy

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Feb 12, 2018

My baby girl of 4yrs age use to play with a neighboring boy of 6yrs and his sister of 4yrs. As per my baby, that boy asked my baby many times to hold him tight. Once they both removed theira clothes and hugged each other. I have calmly expressed my concern and explained that it is wrong to hold boys like that. Today the boy was lying down and my baby lied on him. She says, he asked her to hold if not he won't talk to her. As she wants to play with them, she layed herself on him. The time when I saw, they stunned and The boy ran to his home. Why this situation might've come and how to deal with my baby as she is not understanding why it is wrong.

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| Feb 13, 2018

PIts a big issue, difficult to deal with young child that they don't know what is right or wrong. I think the behaviour of the boy might be learned from their parents, need to be corrected, if inform them , they might not agreed. you cannot shop your kid playing with neighbours' kid, so you can try to avoid them to play at confind /closed area, send them to play at open area, or play in front of parents / guardian. I think this shall prevent from the unwanted acts.

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