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5 and half month baby cries alot when given ricewater

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Updated on Oct 29, 2017

hello... i would like to ask 1 question... my baby is 5and half month old... he was exclusive breastfed for 5 and half month... now we started giving rice water (chawal ka paani) to him but he seems to close his mouth and refuses to open and cries if we feed him lil forcefully... why is it happening so ??

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| Oct 29, 2017

hi Kashmira ! a child should be breastfeed exclusively till he completes 6 months of age. it's a new dish for baby, he would take time to develop it's taste . keep trying. to begin with count even 2 spoons as success. avoid force feeding him as that would make him averse to food. make meal time fun time. sing a rhyme or keep him occupied . avoid gadgets or distractions around. hope this helps!

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