6 monthh old daughter not sleeping through night wat to do plz suggest

Swati Gupta

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Feb 07, 2013

I hv six month old daughter .. she is not sleeping more thn half an hour once .. the whole night she used to wake up every after 40 mins and thn i nurse her thn she sleep only for 40 mins .. the whole process repeating every night .. i m vry depreesed .. i also gv her sleeping med. which is not harmful for baaby .. bt nothing work .. wat should i do .. ? :(

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kritika mantri

| Oct 11, 2016

Maybe only milk is not filling up her tummy. As she is 6 months u can slowly start introducing solids. Preferably mashed or pureed initially. My daughter sleeps almost 5to 6 hrs at night. But she still gets up to feed during the nyt. Maybe once or max twice. It should help. Pls try

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| Feb 11, 2013

Swati, a golden rule for mothers when your child crosses the 6 month age bar... dont ever wake your child up for feeding in the middle of the night. If your child sleeps let her sleep through the night. If she is hungry and is waking up however, you have to feed her. Since I know that kids do start sleeping through the night from the age of roughly 6-7 months (my own daughter started sleeping through the night from 6 months age), I would say that my fellow commentators are right, your daughter is probably waking from hunger. This is the age when you start solids and childrens appetite increases. So you cannot keep to the old routine, you definitely have to increase the food quantum. Just before bedtime, give her a solid food dinner- cerelac or mashed boiled rice. Then after your regular routine, put her to sleep. If you are already doing that, I would suggest keep a bottle of milk handy. Just after you put her to bed make her drink a bit of milk before she sleeps. That will keep her hunger pangs at bay for at least half the night. If you suspect dental issues, do see a dentist, who will be the best person to suggest remedies. Sometimes babies at this stage get some pains in the limbs because of what Prajakta suggested, growth spurt. You might want to try massaging her hands and legs gently with a baby cream before bedtime.

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| Feb 07, 2013

Hi Swati. A baby as little as 6 months old may not sleep through the night. They are sure to wake up once or maybe twice for a feed, which could be anywhere between a gap of 4-5 hours. As Prajakta suggested, your baby may be going through a growth spurt and thus waking up hungry. She also be teething or simply just needs you to comfort her to sleep! The only way is to wait it out. You might want to go through the links suggested by Neetu as issues such as this have been discussed in earlier parent talks. You may find some useful tips there. I know how exhausting it is to be woken up repeatedly at night. You may try to get some rest during the day when your baby naps. Hang in there Swati, it will pass and your baby will soon start sleeping well :)

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Prajakta Deodhar

| Feb 07, 2013

Hello swati, have you started giving your baby top feed? Hunger might be the reason that she is getting up for being fed. First you rule out this n if hunger is not the reason then may be she is having a growth spurt n babies become very ansious at some point of their growing period. You may also try to put some soothing music while you put her to sleep so that all her senses calm down n she sleeps well for atleast first half of the night. I hope this helps you. All the best.

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Neetu Ralhan

| Feb 07, 2013

Hello Swati, our young mommies will soon be here for help, in the meantime, please have a look at this similar query. https://www.parentune.com/parent-talk/sleeping/263

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