6 months old baby, day care OR all time maid at home. What is better?

Shruti Sharma

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Oct 29, 2015

My baby is 3 months old, and I am planning what to do when she turns 6 months. Currently I am working from home. But then I would have to start going to office after she turns 6 months for atleast few hours. What is a good option? Are there any other Moms who have had their child in a daycare at 6 months in Gurgaon? Any suggested good daycare? What things to look for? Any suggestions are welcome

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Shruti Sharma

| Oct 29, 2015

Hey Swati, Thanks for your advice. Its very helpful. I just have a little apprehension as I am a first time mom. Do these daycares take proper care of the kids as in changing of diapers, feeding at time and not being harsh with them? I need some reassurance :)

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| Oct 29, 2015

I prefer a daycare given the fact that they are safer than leaving the child at home with a maid who may or may not attend to the child. Also, maid will just plop the child in front of the telly while daycares involve them in creative acitivites that are brain and skill building. children pickup language and social skills at daycares. I gurgaon, pallavan in Phase 1 is good. Also intellitots is awesome.

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