7 months baby not feeding and very clingy

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Updated on May 12, 2017

hi my baby girl us 7 months old. she doesn't like milk. when i force feed her she spits it , vomits and cry a lot. she is a active baby and just wants to play whole day. she sleeps for only 10-11 hrs daily. she has gotten very clingy.. is it becos if teething ..her weight is only 5. 6 kg (birth weight 3 kg).. and she is not gaining any weight for 2 onths now... please help

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| May 12, 2017

Hi Nikita, yes it may be teething or the weather. You must have started solids, if not taking directly milk you can cook her food in milk , like oats, ragi, suji, apple kheer, potato kheer etc.

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