8 month baby food chart what to eat what not

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Updated on Jan 10, 2020

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| Jan 10, 2020

Hi lorasin ! A 8 month baby can be given 2-3 semi solids like idli mashed in daal, rice mashed in daal,khichri, Dalia,,suji or rice kheer, rahi ,etc. Besides u could give pureed fruits and vegetables with breastfeed or formula feed in between. Try to serve meals with family members by making the baby sit on a high chair so that he learns to eat by imitation.

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| Jan 10, 2020

Helo Lorasin if you are breastfeeding give you milk itself rather than giving cow's milk. Its always better to prepare your own food chart for your baby by trying what all are suitable for your baby and what all food causes allergy for baby. Some foods may cause allergy for babies and for some it wont. So try foods for allergies and frame your own chart. You can include fruits, vegetables as finger foods or purees nonveg egg either you can boil and give or scramble and give. You can start giving family foods also like what all the members have like dosa, idly etc. You can give paneer, curd. When giving dry fruits check for allergies. Most babies will have allergies because of dry fruits. For checking allergies you should wait for two or three days. You can go through the following blogs also it might help you Blogs-,

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