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8 year old son demanding fr his sibling

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Updated on Oct 09, 2015

My son is 8 year old.. very caring n loving. By nature very emotional .. Loves me a lot... But sometimes aggressive n stubborn.. But since 1 year he is desperately demanding a baby for him as his sibling.. I m very much confused.. should I take one more chance after a long gap... he says he feels very lonely as his all friends n cousins have siblings... bcoz of being single child he involve with anyone very easily . he wants that his friends n cousins come to our place n stay with him.... when ever his cousins cm to our place n going back he started crying alone in his room. plz help me.. is it good for him if I will take a chance or it will create any new issues in our life later .. like age difference between two siblings. thnx

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| Oct 09, 2015

Hi Rama Daga! Having a second child should be wholly solely yr and your hubby's decision. Please keep in mind factors such as maternal age at the time of conception; health of mother before and during conception which can be ascertained after internal examination by a gynaec;is the decision wilful or being taken under some pressure as it's u who has to raise another child and give him/her his/her share of love and attention. Also u would be required to take care of elder child and his academics as well as Co-curricular studies alongwith taking care of yr Lil bundle of energy; making older child adjust with a new addition in family. Besides this u need to keep in mind the financial cost of raising two children,till the time they are dependent on u. So would like to advise you to weigh carefully all the pros and cons of having a second child and then plan accordingly. Hope this helps.

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| Oct 13, 2015

Yup. The advice given is absolutely correct. But yea would like to add on some factors like my two kids have a gap of 5 years. Although we didn't plan but any how we decided to keep going n decision was right thinking my husband is the only kid to his parents n since only his father is left he feel so alone n lonely that we didn't want that to happen to our child. But now its really cool having both of them together n thy don't feel lonely. But all other factors given in the earlier comment r absolutely correct

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