8yrs old kid , indiscipline in school and hitting kids

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Updated on Apr 12, 2018

Hi all, Recently I got so many complaints about my son (8yrs old) that he does not sit in the class and keep on roaming even when teacher is teaching in the class and hit the kids in the class. Lately he is getting punishments etc which teacher told me. (in previous class he was fine) Now we have counsel him that he should not hit kids and sit on seat and don’t bothers others. He is not listeting to us at all. At home he agrees he will do as we are asking him to do but as soon as he reaches school he does not listen teacher and don’t sit on seat as well. I unable to understand how to handle the situation. Pls pour your suggetions/advise asap. Thanks much in advance.

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| Apr 12, 2018

hi A M!help him sit with a buddy who is otherwise calm and would control him, even if she is a girl.. avoid making him. sit on the corner seat or near the window.. as soon as his work is complete request the teacher to alot him some work to keep him occupied so that he doesn't indulge in mischiefs.. also she should give him stars and smiley stickers for behaving well and write his name on board for good work and look for his qualities.. she can have a good rapport with him but spending quality time with him.

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