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potty reggression?? attention? help

Dec 15, 2017 | 3 to 7 years

hi, my son is 4 yrs old. he started pre-k this yr and he struggles with speech and hyper behavior. just now he has regressed in a way of having accident? at least one...

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Supriya Shiva

my daughter is lost.. she is in her world. l am worried for her

Dec 14, 2017 | 3 to 7 years

my daughter is lost.. she is in her world. l am worried for her

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how to avoid baby hand feeding ?

Dec 14, 2017 | 0 to 1 years

my baby is always keeping hand in his mouth . I don't know what should I do for that? please give me some ideas.

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Amisha Trivedi

how to get child maturity in friends

Dec 11, 2017 | 7 to 11 years

child maturarity

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Varsha Sharma

Sensitive child

Dec 11, 2017 | 3 to 7 years

Hi everyone, I have a 4. 8 yrs old kid. He goes in formal school in nursery class. He is good in studies whether written or oral but he is very sensitive.. For an exa...

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Anjali Sharma

Mera bete koi mentle priblem to nhi

Dec 08, 2017 | 3 to 7 years

Mera beta 5 yr ka hai vo abi sahi se bol nhi pata hai pr active bahut hai yun kahiye overactive hai studies me b kmzor hai kya ye koi mentle disorder to nhi please kuch b...

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Usha Ganesh Kumar

adament child

Dec 08, 2017 | 1 to 3 years

My son just 2 years old, off late he is crying continuously and so adament for everything. Could anyone suggest a trick to handle him better.

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