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Nov 21, 2013 | 0 to 1 years

In a news paper i read that jhonson & jhonson baby powder was banned  by maharastra govt n seized their factory at mumbai since the company using a technic which...

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About my child

Nov 19, 2013 | 0 to 1 years

My son now 11 months old. His skin getting dry right from his berth. pediatrician prescribed cefatel solution n soap which when applied his skin become pale no moisture...

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we should give milk to kids when they have cough and cold

Oct 22, 2013 | 1 to 3 years

my daughter is 4. 5 yr old and she always get cough and cold problem. someone told me that not to give milk when she has cough and cold. is it true??i read on parentune t...

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Does anybody's child have Childhood Asthma

Oct 16, 2013 | 1 to 3 years

My daughter has Childhood Asthma, there have been two instances where her oxygen levels had dropped and she had gone to a extremely sleepy state, in the First instance sh...

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Cold Cough n wheezing

Oct 11, 2013 | 1 to 3 years

Hi all,    My son 2. 11 yrs used to get cough n cold too often n every 15 dys medicine is not gud so i started homeopathy 2 mnths bck. Before taking homeopath...

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Low Hemoglobin

Oct 08, 2013 | 1 to 3 years

Dear Mums, My daughter is 2. 1 yrs. She has got lower respiratory tract infection. we did a blood test and it shows her HEMOGLOBIN 7. 6 which should have been 10 or 11....

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Respiratory infection

Oct 07, 2013 | 1 to 3 years

hi fellow parents, my daughter is diagnosed with lower respiratory tract infection. She is on antibiotics since saturday. Still her fever shoots to 103. i have been told...

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Precautions for the changing weather

Sep 30, 2013 | 1 to 3 years

Hi parents, please suggest some precautions that we need to take in this changing weather, my son is 6 and he catches cold and cough very easily. Please help.

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constant runny nose

Sep 25, 2013 | 0 to 1 years

My 9 month old daughter has a constant cold & runny nose, I've given her all sorts of antibiotics & other medicines ( as prescribed by the doctor) but nothin...

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Immune system

Sep 24, 2013 | 1 to 3 years

Hi, my daughter is 2 years 3 months old.... She gets cold very quickly... Doc says dat her immune system is very weak... She is also a very fizzy eater.... She is cutting...

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