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How to handle a sensitive child?

Aug 31, 2012 | 3 to 7 years

My son is 5 years old and is going to UKG. He is an extremely sensitive boy. The good side of this behavioral triat is that he is very considerate of others feelings. He...

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The right age to have a FB account

Aug 28, 2012 | All age groups

Just met a couple of parents who were discussing about FB accounts for their children (8-9 years-old), they asked me about the right age for a FB account opening, as they...

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Workshop by Julia Gabriel

Aug 27, 2012 | All age groups

Workshop on how to improve concentration for kids

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5 year old girl shot - who has the real story

Aug 22, 2012 | All age groups

It is disheartening to read early morning in the newspaper that a five year old girl was shot in Gurgaon and is struggling for her life in the ICU of a hospital . I alway...

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How to handle my toddler's Vaccination Fears?

Aug 21, 2012 | All age groups

Hi everyone,   My toddler is 2 years old and is due for a vaccination. The moment he sees the pediatrition,he cries uncontrollably because he knows he is going to...

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Car towed away with child inside. Parents shopping.

Aug 05, 2012 | All age groups

Came across an article this morning in the Times of India - where a car was towed away with a child inside - when the parents had stepped out to buy medicines. A few qu...

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Right Dating age

Jul 31, 2012 | All age groups

I don’t know if my 13 yrs old nephew is old enough to date. I think it is too early or have times changed. Any suggestions?? 

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Children and Pets

Jul 19, 2012 | All age groups

Hey what do u think is the right age for getting a pet for a child... looking at getting a pup...

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Workshop for Parents

Jul 09, 2012 | All age groups

Learnmile is doing a workshop for Parents of children going to CBSE schools (Grades: 4,5,6,7,8,9), Focused on helping the parents do more for their child, especially from...

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Home remedies for colic

Jul 06, 2012 | All age groups

Hey guys a neighbor of mine is having trouble dealing with colic for her 4 month old baby , she does not want to drug her baby with too much colic medecine , does anyoe k...

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