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Updated on Sep 27, 2016

My daughter is very much afraid of some insects ,mas, darkness etc. She has a tendency to avoid something which She cannot understand. She Will noy ask about that. She Will keep these subjects untouched and will make problems about these subjects just at eleventh hour of exams. She has a tendency of sibling jealousy also. She cannot tolereate her mother as well as brother also and makes problems regarding these. She developed a school phobia and for these She left her previous school. The only problem regarding my son is that, he is tremendous energetic and does not sit at a place for one minute continously. He is now trying to avoid school síndromes. He has a tendency to stick upon a particular mátter longtime until he would get it.

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| Sep 27, 2016

Hi Soumya, From what you have shared here it is quite clear that your daughter needs some counselling. How old is your daughter and what is the age difference between the siblings? If your daughter is entering her teens or is already in her teens then you may need to sit down with her like a friend and talk to her about what is it that is troubling her. She may retaliate at first but you need to stick to it and also remember that you need to keep your tone friendly and not nag her. Start spending some time with her take her out on weekends and ask your wife to do the same. If you feel that there is some problem between mother-daughter then ask your wife to have a heart to heart with your daughter and find out what is the problem.

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| Sep 28, 2016

Hi, Being scared of darkness and insects is pretty normal behavior. gradually help her alleviate the fear. firstly your daughter is not ready to accept the fact that she is ignorant of something. So she tries to avoid it. She should understand that not everybody knows everything and it's perfectly OK to ask for help to learn things and there is no need to hesitate to ask for help. She must also understand that even adults seek help when they don't understand something. You can be a role model for that by asking for her help in understanding something. Secondly She feels that she is being neglected. does your wife pamper the younger one so much? Is your daughter being told all the time to act her a age when there is a conflict between the siblings? this could be one of the reasons for her to not tolerate her mom and her brother. Hold both of the children responsible for their action and don't give special privilege to her brother because of his age. She is acting out to seek attention. All she needs is someone to listen to her. Even if she is angry, acknowledge her feelings and listen to her. That would solve a lot of problem. Your younger one is acting his age by being energetic. All 5 yr olds have a lot of energy. Help him spend that pent up energy in outdoor activities. Perseverance is one of the greatest qualities for a child to have. So keep encouraging him to focus on one thing until he completes the task.

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