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how to increase her food likeing

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| May 16, 2016

Hi Amruta, How are you dear? Dear your baby is one year old. And at this age babies does not have any kind of likes or dislikes. What you have to do? Just make(introduce) new things, give it to your baby in the regular bases. Whether child eats or not give give time. A new trick - make the food preparation in the way, you can also enjoy it with the baby. And then make a plate ready go and sit infront of your child strat eating very slowly but directly don't give the food to her. let her decide. She will come to you, show as if this is really interesting thing and you don't wanna give it to her. and she will start snatching the plate and then alow her. As I told earlier please allow kids to play and enjoy with food then they would get the habit to eat the food. If you are complaining that child is thin and does not eat properly that means you are making mistake that, not leaving to the child alone with the food. An that is why she is bothering you. Just make environment. Sit together eat with her serve him separately but don't interrupt while he is playing with the food. Plain rice Idli, Suji Idli, Veg Poha, Boiled Rajma, Boiled Black Gram Dal, boiled lobhia, Paneer chopped into small cubes, boiled potato, Suji kheer, milk daliya, rice kheer etc. Give Banana, Coconut water and Boiled potato it provides energy, protein and will help the baby in gaining weight. * make sure soak Rajma,black Gram Dal,  lobhia into water whole night and boil it. Start with just 1/2 cup or less than that.   that's enough in one day. Just make little change in your attitude towards child and see the difference. And let me know. All the best :-)

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