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About IGCSE... A and AS level

11 to 16 years

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Updated on Dec 12, 2015

Anyone have idea abt IGCSE 'A' and 'AS' level?! After finishing this level.. ,I think it's hard to get admission in "medical " by merit it true?

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| Dec 13, 2015

Hi Geetha, By medical do you mean Indian medical colleges? yes as you said it's hard but not impossible. There is no rule or law that stops your child from appearing for AIPMT unless your child is a foreign passport holder. With proper planning and time management one would be able to crack the entrance test. Any CBSE / ICSE student would need extra preparation for the entrance test. An A level student can also prepare for the same and give the entrance test. But it can be an additional pressure/ burden for your child. The reason is AIPMT is integrated with CBSE curriculum in most schools just like how international schools integrate SAT within their curriculum. So CBSE students will find it much more easier to crack the exam than AS/A level students. CIE/ edexcel focuses on HOTS but not only facts/ content So the AS/A level students have to get trained to follow the AIPMT exam pattern. But it requires an extraordinary amount of hard work in addition to their regular A levels as A levels by themselves are harder than CBSE. At the same time, A level students would find easier to clear GAMSAT, UKCAT or MCAT as the pattern follows their own curriculum i. e critical thinking, written analysis, problem solving along with scientific principles. Hope this clarifies your doubt.

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