About my elder son Adithya. He is having ADHD. He has an above average IQ. But he lacks social behaviour. Also he is not at all organized.

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Feb 11, 2020

How to manage him. Its getting difficult as he grows up

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| Feb 12, 2020

Sandhya V G you definitely have a state of concern for your boy which is normal for any mother we know Charity begins at home your level you can calm down the child and talk to him... one on one with keeping in mind that you must not get angry or hyper in your reactions you can also talk to your child how to socialize and become a better person... you may talk about these things over quality and creative activity session... wherein, both of you can talk in a friendly and open minded manner without getting frustrated or overreacting ..... you can give some responsibilities to the child like cleaning his own bookshelf or bed or keeping an eye on the little brother while you are doing other household chores, in this way he will understand and manage him self better with the society.... you may consult special need doctor or therapist... it will be a great help to you and the child but

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| Feb 12, 2020

Hi Sandhya V G ! Have u consulted a special educator? If no,please do so ,as they might of great help to the child in this regard. U could do mock sessions at home, also make him join social skill groups wherein he could practice appropriate social behaviour in different settings..

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