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About my son's behaviour

3 to 7 years

Created by Shilpi Biswas
Updated on Jun 08, 2017

My 4. 9 years old premature son does not listen to us at all. we belong to a joint family. due to different openion of family members made me unhappy and the result of it i usually beat my baby to control myself. but when i beat him,it made me crying. in my family,i have to live only for my child or anything more. now a days ifound that my son dies not listen to us .he always busy in his deed. he always copies the carecter of the cartoon doaramon. so what i have to do. he realise the things when we beat him. but when we repetedly made him realise the things politely,he could not listen to us.

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| Jun 08, 2017

Hello Shilpi, l really feel sorry for you. But please don't feel so low and upset. It may be that as he is a premature baby , he became little bit over pampered by your family members. Dear, beating or shouting will not give you any kind of solution. He may become stubborn and aggressive. He is only 4. 5 yrs old. ..what is the use of beating him? He doesn't know what is good for him... but you know what is best for your child. So talk to him nicely, give him quality time,strengthen the bond between you too, prepare his favourite dishes. He likes Doremon this cartoon character often takes his friend Nobita into a fantasy world of wish fulfillment. Engage him in various creative activities. ..and you also do all these things with him ..He will definitely notice your involvement and efforts to make his day colourful. BUT, you have to be firm and strict if situation requires. Children understand the language of love and care. He is very small to understand your concern about him. You also take care of yourself. Feel proud that you have a very good child. Take care

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| Jun 08, 2017

first of all stop beating because it makes child agressive and due course of time they are resistant beating them only increases haterness ....i know you must have a lot to do a lot of pressure but he is not the way to release that ....may be he wants more time with you.......

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