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Updated on May 04, 2017

Hi my son is five ten eight month.. he a good responding n hyperactive kid.. but he get angry shortly and do not share his things with neighbour kids.. he a not interest to write his own. when I compel him to write,he starts to cry.. acedemic level little bi tback.. in home most of the time he is spending with gadgets or else television.. how can I overcome from this n have to improve his career...

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| May 05, 2017

hi Pradeepa Rama! I understand your concerns! u need to talk gently and sit down with him and set his routine where there is just one hour allowed for screen time .if he needs to see for more time he needs to earn a privelege. make studies interesting for him . u could involve yourself , allocate him work, check it and make him do corrections. keep a track of his day to day performance. check his school notebooks everyday. make him do revision. if he follows Instructions reward him 15 minutes extra of screen time . I am sure with praise and reward ; motivation and your love he will come around soon.

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