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Suma Prakash

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Nov 24, 2015

My daughter is very naughty she is 1 and half year old now but she is not mingle with other even with my parents

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swati jha

| Nov 26, 2015

Same wid my daughter... she is 1. 7 yr old n she is very very active child but she is extremely shy.... wat to do

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archana j

| Nov 25, 2015

its ok. i think she is very small to get mingle with all. generally children need their own time and comfort to do that. give her time she will do it. if u r working women then might be she needs ur attension n time and so she wants to be with u. in case u r house wife try keeping her with them for some time and leave her there or go to other room so that she play and get habbit to be away from u for some time. if she is cranky at that time dont force this will increase her insecurity.

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suma prakash

| Nov 24, 2015

Thanks for u r suggestion

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