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Updated on May 04, 2016

he has teeting problem and looking weak

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| May 04, 2016

Hi Sonam, During teething it's very normal among kids. What you have to do during teething period? Your baby needs extra care during this period . Take care of their Calcium and Vitamin D3 requirements. Recognise What type of problems kids face during Teething. Common problem which makes a baby restless such as - Constipation, lose motion, Headache, Stomachache, Gum Pains, lack of sleep etc. 1. To avoid constipation give emple amount of fluid . 2. During lose motion give mashed banana with curd. 3. Give them head massage whenever you get time. You will notice whenever you will press their head or head massage, they will feel feel relaxed and will feel sleepy. 4. For gums take one tsp honey and give gums massage ones a day. 5. But if you notice any type of trouble like green lose motion avoid honey. 6. Some kids does not develop enzymes for honey digestion. In that case you can give gum massage with SUHAGA. 7. Very important child's sleep. Kids should sleep a lot during teething which makes them happy, energetic and away from the troubles. 8. Give them body massage, especially legs and head massage which decreases the pains and makes teething growth easy. 9. Give Calcium and Vitamin D3 as per the Doctor's prescription. And you will find half of the problems will blow away.

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