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Updated on Oct 02, 2015

Hi i m mother of twins .my both daughters completed 2 mnths nw one girl weighted 2 while birth nw she is 4 kg n other weighted 1. 67 nw she is 3. 75 is this weight proper or they r underweight .they r still on bff i m just worried tht my milk is sufficient for them or no. n they dnt sleep in night gets up every 1 hour for milk

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| Oct 16, 2015

Hi Jai, yes ur kids are absolutely fine. My pediatrician told me a baby should gain Wt 500gms to 1 kg every month. All u need to know is ur baby is active, ask for ur milk and poo n pee easily that's it. Also they ask for milk in every 1 hr as their tummy gets empty.. Dnt worry they are doing just get!!

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