Abt my taking stairs for several times in a day


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Updated on Jun 23, 2016

Im now two and half month pregnant.... im taking stair daily for abt five times ,,,,,three floor stairs for three times and two floor stair for three times again.... is it safe to take so many times stair.... actually there is no lift facility at my work place

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| Sep 12, 2016

hi wanna add to her concern regarding opting for stairs in case of low lying placenta.... can anyone share their experiences in this regard?

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| Jun 29, 2016

Hi Mamtha, you can take stairs as long as long you are climbing up and down slowly and carefully. Throughout my pregnancy I was taking stairs as there was no lift facility at my work place and the place where we staying also didn't have the lift facility to my apartment, so I had to climb up and down one floor there too. Hence it is fine to climb stairs as long as you are slow on them.

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| Jun 24, 2016

Hi Mamta, You can take steps but be very careful and slow while climbing steps. In my recent 9months I had same problem at home my house was on third floor and I use to climb once a day 120 steps. I told my gyane about the same but she never said that I shouldn't climb steps at all she suggested was to be careful and climb slowly. Don't worry just take good care of yourself and if possible just climb only once a day. You can speak to your gyane for more details. Tkcr

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| Jun 23, 2016

You are in which month now? after first trimester you can take stairs just be slow.

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