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Updated on Jul 03, 2012

Sending children to AC schools, is it ok, an absolute must or to be strictly avoided? I think, if we can be in our AC offices throughout the day, why not them in their AC schools?

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| Nov 25, 2012

You cant help it if a good school is air conditioned,... better to avoid boggling your mind over this and consider what the school offers academically and in extra curriculars!

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| Oct 18, 2012

Hello admin! I was initially apprehensive about sending my child to an A/C school. the confusion cleared itself when we found that the schools we shortlisted were all air conditioned. So good schooling was the deciding factor there and everything else just came with the package. That was then, Now when I look back, I feel I was making a big deal out of it. Yes we have ac offices and homes and cars. It is no more a luxury, more of a lifestyle shift. Also, a child who has air conditioning everywhere else, may as well have it at school since its where he spends half of his active day, and it does not spoil them, I learnt, only makes them comfortable :)

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